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The Dexter Foundation

The Dexter Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to helping shelter dogs have a second chance at life. We honor a little Boston Terrier named Dexter who was given a second chance.

The Dexter Foundation is dedicated to helping shelter dogs and other rescue organizations who adopt misunderstood dogs. We assist owners needing to find homes for their dogs by posting their dogs, screening applicants, and finding them new loving forever homes. We work cooperatively with other rescues and help fund the rescue and care of shelter dogs. We provide a safe haven for abandoned dogs that are passed over. In these difficult economic times, many owners are forced to surrender or abandon their dogs who may need only temporary medical attention. The Dexter Foundation, with your assistance, is able to help save the lives of these otherwise happy, healthy dogs.


Rescued at the last moment

Little Dexter sat at the San Diego shelter, abandoned by the only person he knew. His owner was no longer able to care for him and turned him over to someone he trusted to care and find a home for him. Instead, the person called animal control on him. Dexter was so frightened, he bit the animal control officer and was scheduled to be euthanized as he was then deemed "aggressive" by the shelter, and would not be adopted to the public. Thankfully, he was rescued by a group willing to take on dogs with behavioral problems and understood that a dog's behavior in a shelter is not indicative of a dog's true behavior.

Dexter had spent the first few years of his life knowing only one person, never having been taken outside to meet other dogs or new people. When that owner could no longer care for him, he was turned out into an unknown world. After two failed placements while he was learning how to play with other dogs and people, he was sent to live with the President of the rescue group who fell in love with him and his lively personality.

Dexter now lives with two rescued brothers, Blue and Scout, and a rescued sister named Annabelle. All were adopted from shelters throughout Southern California. Annabelle and Scout both would have been euthanized if not adopted by rescue due to the fear they exhibited with new people. They have all learned to how to be part of a family and made many new friends. They provide their new family with lots of love.

Dexter, and all dogs like him, are grateful to the many rescue groups who have given them a second chance. The Dexter Foundation asks for your support so that we can provide funding and support to the dogs and rescue groups willing to give the misunderstood dogs a second chance.

Ways To Help

We Depend On Donations and Volunteers To Keep Saving Lives

To help us further with our mission in supporting abandoned dogs, please consider either making a donation or looking at other easy ways to help.

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