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Adoption Application

The Dexter Foundation
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Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Thank you for you interest in adopting a dog from The Dexter Foundation!
All information provided herein will be kept confidential. Once received, your application will be reviewed by our Adoption Placement Panel.
Please bear with us, as The Dexter Foundation is totally run by volunteers with full time jobs. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, we will contact you to schedule a required home check visit. We know you are very excited about bringing a new dog into your home, but please understand that our representatives do rescue work on a volunteer basis.
If you have any questions please email us, and include your full name, the date of your application along with your phone number. Again, thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue from The Dexter Foundation!

Contact Information

Full name


Home Phone
Cell Phone
Work Phone
When is the best time to reach you?

Family Information

Living Status
Do you have any other people living in your home?
Do they approve of adopting this dog?
Does your spouse/significant other approve of you adopting this dog?
Name of spouse/significant other
Age of spouse/significant other
Do you have children visit your home regularly or living in your home?
How many children?
What are their ages?
Please list others in your household who will have contact with the dog, such as main, nanny, etc. If there is nobody else, then please specify.
Why do you want to adopt a rescued dog?
What qualities do you like in a rescued dog?
What qualities or traits don’t you want to find in a rescued dog?
Are you committed to caring for this dog for its lifetime?
Where will the dog stay during the day?
How long will the dog be left alone during the day? Hours:

per Week:
Will the dog have access to the house AND yard while left alone?
Who will let the dog out?
Do you have: a dog sitter?

a dog walker?

a doggie door?

Where will the dog sleep?
Will the dog be allowed on the furniture?
Do you own your own home or rent?
Does landlord approve of dogs on property?
Please give name and number of your landlord as they will be contacted to verify that you are allowed to have animals. Name:

Please attach a copy of your lease or notarized statement from your landlord stating the number and size of pets you are allowed to own
What kind of home do you have?
eg. apartment, condo, home, etc.
Do you have a fenced in yard?
What kind of fence do you have?
eg. chain link, picket, etc.
What is the height of the fence?
How are you going to exercise this dog?
How will you keep this dog from running away or becoming lost?

Rescue Dog Information

Are you interested in a specific Dexter Foundation dog(s) listed on our homepage or
Which dog are you interested in?
Please note, The Dexter Foundation rarely has puppies. But please tell us your preferences.
What are you interested in?

What about age?

Would you accept a dog with any of the following issues? Check all that apply.

Skin Problems


Special Diet



Balance Problems



Ear Discharge

Hair Loss

Heart Disease





Spinal Deformity

Three Legged

Separation Anxiety

Would you adopt two dogs that have come from the same home & need to stay together?
Should any of the following apply to your new pet?
Check any that should.

Previous Pet History

Have you ever owned a dog before?
Tells us about your previously owned dogs. List the breed, and the number of years they were with you.
Do you have any dogs in your home currently?
Please list their breed, age, and sex.
Are they spayed/neutered?
Please explain why they're not spayed/neutered.
What other types of pets do you own that currently live in your house?
Are all your current pets up to date on their annual vaccinations?
In addition to the pets identified above, what other pets have you owned in the last 5 years?
Have you owned any other pets more than 5 years ago?
Please describe specifically how long ago you owned these pets, and describe the animals.
Why do you no longer have these pets?
Do you have any experience with formal obedience training of dogs?
Please explain the methods of training and where you learned how to train a dog.
Have you filled out an adoption application with any other rescue organization?
To whom did you apply and when?
Have you adopted a dog from Rescue in the past?
From whom and when did you adopt? Please list their name and contact number if applicable.
How did you hear about the Dexter Foundation?


We would like to contact two personal references.
Please provide their name and phone number.

First Reference

Second Reference

Release for Veterinary Reference

My current veterinarian is:
I, , hereby give permission for any veterinarian providing service to me/my animals to release medical information on any/all of my animals to the Dexter Foundation, Inc.
This release is not limited to the veterinarian named above. Please let your vet know we will be calling for a vet reference.

If you do not currently have a veterinarian, please
provide us details about who you plan to use.

Planned Veterinarian